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Simmons Center

The culmination of years of effort, Simmons Center not only provides family fun and fitness at its finest but also serves the cultural, social, and civic needs of our community.

The partnership of the employees, volunteers, and board members to provide superb service in an unmatched environment is community spirit at its ultimate. The success of Simmons Center depends on each one of us.


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FindMe FindMe

Do you want your children to grow up knowing who your family is, knowing who the uncle from abroad is, or the aunty from down south? Of course you do, but children need familiarity and you don’t have the time to travel up and down to see these relatives often enough for your children to recognise them. As a team of mothers, we understand this can be upsetting especially when you see your child crying in the hands of your brother because they don’t recognise them.

But no longer is this the case, because we created FindMe FindMe – fun, educational and interactive books that help children from a young age recognise those important people in their lives. Use photos of friends, family, childminders, nursery staff, teachers to seamlessly involve them in our books so that they are a part of the story! This means your children can remember and recognise them in a way they are already familiar with! You may even use the stories to help children settle into nursery, schools or with a child minder. Whatever you decide, the possibilities are endless!

So download the app now and see for yourself. Remember that reading books is a key part of stimulating a child’s brain and using these interactive books, you can educate them whilst also involving those important people that you want them to remember and always be a part of their lives. Otherwise, more tears seeing grandpa!

Let’s bring families closer together


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Cărțile și audiobookurile Humanitas pot fi citite și ascultate direct pe telefon. Aplicația vă ajută să urmăriți noile apariții, cărțile în pregătire, bestseller-urile, să consultați portofoliul și colecțiile, să citiți sau să ascultați fragmente, înainte de a cumpăra. Cărțile devin mai accesibile. Readerul integrat face lectura posibilă oriunde,  iar formatul electronic înseamnă o reducere cu o treime a tuturor prețurilor.


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新概念英语第一册 – 超级有趣的英语作用帮



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水浒传,是中国四大名著之一,是一部描写农民起义的长篇小说。明朝万历二十二年(1594)福建建阳余象斗双峰堂刊本《京本增补校正全像忠义水浒志传评林》[1] 题罗贯中编集,明万历四十二年(1614)袁无涯刊《忠义水浒全传》一百二十回本署名是“施耐庵集撰、罗贯中纂修”,与之相近的还有明万历三十年(1602)前后容与堂刻本《水浒传》署名是“施耐庵撰,罗贯中纂修”。
是中国历史上最早用白话文写成的章回小说之一,也是汉语文学中最具备史诗特征的作品之一。[3] 早期版本有“繁本”和“简本”之分,而“繁本”又分七十回本、一百回本和一百二十回本三个系统,其中以百回本为最古,容与堂本《李卓吾先生批评忠义水浒传》一百卷叙事详尽,内容完整,是百回本中现存最早的繁本[4] ,杨定见序、袁无涯刻本《水浒全传》则是该书众多版本中内容最全的一百廿回本[5] 。


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Raja: Book 2

The second book and game in The Restricted Adventures of Raja series!

“…a useful app which teaches a difficult concept in a unique and interesting way.” -GeekDad.com

This interactive graphic novel series teaches children important life skills while immersing them in a wonderful story of courage, compassion and empathy. The game, Be a Pet, challenges kids to make decisions as if they were a cat or dog in order to win a human companion!

Will Raja solve the mystery of what is happening on Earth before it is too late? This series of stories follow the journey of Raja — a warrior from a distant world — who wants more than anything to save the people of Earth — especially his new friends — from lives marked by loneliness and anger. But he can’t do it alone! When he travels through a portal to Earth, he becomes an Earth cat and needs a little help.

The Restricted Adventures of Raja is part of the RedRover Readers Program and was developed to teach kids how to interpret the emotions of cats and dogs, as well as people — a necessary skill for empathy development. The message of this story fits seamlessly into any teaching program and aligns to the U.S. Common Core standards as well as Social and Emotional Learning Core Competencies. Learning how to interact with dogs or cats is a fun way to help children understand animal behavior and develop the skills necessary for social awareness. RedRover is a national non-profit with a four-star Charity Navigator rating. Visit RedRover.org for more information.


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